Building the north-west Atlantic finance and fintech corridor

The Scottish Irish Finance initiative helps our finance industries work more closely together so as to create healthier and more successful companies than the two locations can achieve acting alone.

Our thesis:

By combining and complementing the individual well-developed and forward looking financial industries of Scotland and Ireland, and bringing together companies from both locations and the outside, we can create an environment fit for the demands of 21st-century finance and build the most exciting corridor in Europe to serve the global financial community.

Our experience shows that:

Businesses based in Scotland are looking for: continued access to the vast European market; an ongoing portal to reach and understand European markets, policy and regulation; and solutions to protect and grow their businesses in an increasingly uncertain geopolitical environment.

Businesses based in Ireland are looking for: capacity with which to serve their growing number of customers; specialized knowledge to help them diversify in an increasingly competitive global marketplace; and the expertise to help build a complete high-value financial offering out of Ireland.

Our experience shows that:

Businesses from outside both Scotland and Ireland are looking for: a high-value, lower cost location with the critical mass of companies, experience, people, educational institutions and technological innovation as an alternative and complement to their operations in traditional centres such as London, Paris and Frankfurt.
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Topic specific Events are a key element of what we do, bringing together key players who will learn and expand their horizons through our highly curated seminars. For our 2020 programme we plan multi-subject quarterly mini conferences alongside monthly breakfasts in alternately in Scotland and Ireland.

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Intellectual rigour is behind everything we hope to achieve, and it’s vital in a highly technical and regulation industries such as finance. We summarise the findings of all our meetings as well as producing independent thought leadership on pertinent topics, alongside reports on our activities.

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