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SIFI is unique. We’re leading new thinking into cooperation across borders to help build a cluster to serve the needs of the global financial community. As a forum for business, policymakers and government, we’re helping the finance industries of both locations grow and develop better than they would in isolation. Led by Policy Director David Clarke, who brings deep knowledge and an extensive network, our initiative has built a groundswell of support and momentum in both the public and private sectors.

By becoming a SIFI member you not only get the benefits of our output but also help to shape our direction. For membership opportunities please contact:
David Clarke, Policy Director

Our members get to:

Attend regular quarterly meetings that bring together in an interactive environment
the widest sphere of expertise and contacts in the two locations

Participate in regular expert-led monthly roundtable events in alternate locations
focusing on specific issues relevant to our members

Have access to an existing network of leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds,
companies and expertise

Meet and build relations with companies offering services and solutions from across
the wide expanse of the Irish and Scottish finance and technology industries

Contribute to the liaison between business, government and policymakers to help
shape policy and smooth any difficulties that arise from the present geopolitical uncertainty

Access and contribute to focused thought leadership to help them navigate the issues
that we address.

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