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The Scottish Irish Finance Initiative (the Initiative) through its normal day-to-day operations collects contact information on stakeholders, partners, contacts, contractors etc. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of those that we deal with and take our obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation very seriously. We have the following policy in relation to data privacy:

The Scottish Irish Finance Initiative is an unincorporated project managed by Policy Director David Clarke. He can be contacted in relation to any data issues at 25A Moray Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6DA, United Kingdom.

We maintain and keep records of those whom we come into contact with and have voluntarily submitted their contact details to us, either in person, on the telephone, our our website or by electronic communication. Some of the information we collect is through our own investigations or the recommendations of third parties.

The information we collect consists solely of names, relevant organisations, and contact details. The information is held securely by the Initiative and its contractors.

We hold personal and contact information so as to disseminate information on our work and events and to build a network overseen by the Initiative.

Anybody providing information to the Initiative will be informed at the time of the handover of the information that their data is being held for these purposes. It is assumed that anyone either initiating contact with the Initiative, providing their data through our web site, or engaging with the Initiative as regards its activities or work has given consent for their contact details to be held by the Initiative.

The Initiative will not provide personal information to any person or organization operating outside of the Initiative, save for those organisations that we contract or work with to organise events, so as to allow interested parties to be invited to said events. Any personal information will be discarded by the contractor or partner once the relevant event has taken place.

As the Initiative is a cross-border project, the information may be transferred between the United Kingdom and Ireland and vice versa.

Information will be held for a maximum of two years, after which continued permission to hold the data will be sought. If no permission is forthcoming the information will be discarded. Individuals have the right at any time to withdraw their information from the initiative through contacting the Policy Director. Any complaints can be directed towards the appropriate regulatory bodies in both jurisdictions.

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